Real Estate

It is very important that we find locations which offer our guests that unique Vapiano experience.

In conjunction with many other factors – fresh and healthy products, highly trained Vapianisti, excellent service – we are looking for sites that offer our guests a welcoming and comfortable space with their design, their inside and outside areas, and their overall environment.

For the opening of Vapianos in several cities, we are looking for quality locations with as close to the following criteria as possible:


Downtown locations in cities with at least 300,000 inhabitants in the catchment area, an exclusive shopping street with many offices and residential area close by.


  • Ideal surface area 600m² – 1000m² / 6,500ft2 — 10,750ft2; ground floor at least 400m² / 4,300ft2
  • Ancillary space in the basement or partly on first upstairs floor; in case of 2 floors, a service elevator is necessary


  • High ceilings, bright rooms, large windows
  • Floor to ceiling height of at least 3.00m / 10ft, with overlying installation space of approx. 1.00m / 3ft.
  • Floor plan as perpendicular as possible with space for an open show kitchen of 16,00m – 20,00m /50ft – 65 ft in length, kitchen area preferably without columns
  • Optional outdoor terrace
  • Delivery ideally possible for 40 ton articulated vehicles

Technical Development

  • Dining room 5 to 6-fold change of air, intake and exhaust
  • Kitchen at least 12,000m³/ 420,000ft³ per hour, replacement air and grease extraction air exhaust
  • Power at least 180kW with 200 amp fuse
  • Grease separators NS 7 (international: when required by local regulation)
  • Cold water supply 2.1 liter/ 0.6 gallons per second
  • Commercial refrigeration for refrigeration units
  • Heating and cooling according to the state of technology






Exclusive shops, quality boutiques, many offices for daytime operations, and ideally dining, entertainment (theater, cinema, etc.) and a good residential environment for evening operations.


10,000 median income office workers in 1 km/ 0.6 mile radius

10,000 to 20,000 residents in 1 km/ 0.6 mile radius within 1 km/ 0.6 mile, the age of the residents should range between 20 – 65 Catering establishments must also be approvable in the area no residents in the building above the catering business (due to noise).

Rental Criteria

Long-term lease with option Security: a bank guarantee no restrictions regarding the opening times or the food or beverages offered no advertising associations or sales messages, etc.

Real Estate proposals also welcomed!

Please send real estate offers per post to:


4, rue Charles VI
L-1327 Luxembourg