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How was 2015 for Vapiano?

Today we look back at some of the more unusual events at Vapiano in 2015. How many hours did our Vapianisti dedicate to making fresh pasta? And how many tonnes of pizza have our guests munched their way through in a year?

As the year draws to a close one thing is certain – it was one of our most exciting yet. To mark the end of 2015, we’ve compiled some fun facts and figures. Did you know you can now dine at Vapiano on five continents? And guess how many new restaurants opened last year? Nineteen is the answer, taking the total number to 167 in 100 cities across 31 different countries. Wowzers. The most northerly branch is located in Helsinki and the most southerly can be found in Melbourne. Vienna is the city with the most branches of Vapiano. Austria’s beautiful capital has eleven restaurants, which all need lots of fresh pasta every day. And our researchers have worked out that our Vapianisti spent 165,620 hours making all that pasta in 2015!


Pasta & pizza for everyone!


Our guests chomped their way through 17.5 million pasta dishes. That’s a whopping 3150 tonnes or the equivalent of 600 elephants! This figure sees pasta top the popularity charts, closely followed by pizza. If we stacked up the 9.15 million pizzas ordered in 2015 they would be over three times as tall as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower!

A record-breaking amount of Espresso was served too. Exactly 475,398 cups were consumed last year - and this is only the Cups which were enjoyed in Germany. Just pause to think about it. And why not have another while you’re at it. We hope you savoured every single cup and here’s to smashing that record next year!

All that remains is to say a huge thank you to all our loyal guests for the last twelve exciting months. A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, and see you again soon in 2016!

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