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Poland’s fourth Vapiano in Lodz

Poland’s latest addition to the Vapiano family in located in Łódź. Find out more about know this vibrant city at Poland’s heart, including how to pronounce its name and where to find the 175th Vapiano here. 


There are currently a total of 175 Vapiano restaurants all over the world and the latest has just opened in Lodz’s “Sukcesja” mall. It’s the first Vapiano in Poland outside the country’s capital Warsaw. A total of 180 seats are spread over a 550 m² area with 40 more available on the sprawling terrace outside. Today Paulina Lazowska, Head of Operations in Poland, talks to us about what else Lodz has to offer.  


Hello Paulina! Poland’s fourth Vapiano has just opened in Lodz. What’s the secret of your success?


It’s simple. We refuse to compromise. Poland is an aspiring country and its people have a sophisticated palette when it comes to food. But they still want to feel relaxed when dining out. And this is exactly the experience Vapiano offers. 


Lodz’s Vapiano has a contemporary loft-style design. What was the inspiration behind it? 


Although Lodz used to be a textile hub within the Russian Empire, today it’s a melting pot of creative thinkers, film makers and designers. We wanted the location to reflect that. Despite its modern architecture, the “Sukcesja” shopping mall also references the city’s factory past. It’s a successful fusion and one that’s highly popular with the people of Lodz. 


How would you describe Lodz to someone who’s never been there?


People always underestimate Lodz! As the heart of the textile industry in the 19th century, Lodz was one of Poland’s richest and most diverse cities. And you can still see that today. Former factories and worker quarters are tucked between magnificent old villas. Lodz was and still is a cultural melting pot. Whereas Poles, Germans and Jews once all lived side by side, now the city’s film school attracts international students from around the world. If you want to skip the tourist trail, Lodz is the city for you. 

What do you like best about Lodz? 


It’s so different to every other city I know. There’s always something new to discover, a new pub, a new bar. Sometimes it feels like as though Lodz is awakening from a deep sleep. It’s an exciting time. Despite the building boom and the expansion, people here are still chilled out so it’s a very relaxed pace of life.


What are your plans for Lodz’s Vapiano and the rest of Poland?


If things go well in Lodz, we’ll be looking at opening restaurants in other major Polish cities. Gdansk and its huge Baltic port in the north is at the top of our list, closely followed by Wroclaw, the biggest city in the west of Poland.  


Thanks for chatting to us today Paulina. All the best for the new Vapiano in Lodz!

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