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Vapiano Hamburg – party, pasta & people

A new Vapiano opens its doors in Hamburg and celebrities are queuing up to visit. But who’s been dining at Vapiano for ten years now, and what’s so special about this particular restaurant? 

At this time of year the air around Hamburg’s Gänsemarkt is heavy with the smell of roasted almonds, gingerbread and mulled wine. But there’s something else making our tummies rumble. Since 10th December 2015, more mouth-watering aromas of Italian pizza and fresh pasta have been coming from Hamburg’s latest Vapiano restaurant. To mark the grand opening we threw a spectacular party with TV presenter Cathy Hummels, actress Dana Schweiger, a host of premier league HSV football players and other stars attending. As well as the promise of fabulous fresh food, the guests were looking forward to seeing what sets this restaurant apart from the rest.

Vapiano Hamburg – ringing the changes

Thanks to a partnership with energy company RWE, the Gänsemarkt restaurant has a surprise in store for techies and non-techies alike. As well as ordering fresh homemade pasta, guests can use charge points dotted around the entire restaurant to charge their phones wirelessly. The new wireless technology is set to be integrated into most phone models in the future. Until then, guests will be given a credit card sized receiver at the reception so all standard smart phones can be charged at Vapiano. An innovative idea that our celebrities were keen to try out at the opening!

Cathy Fischer – a decade of dining at Vapiano


Cathy Fischer is married to German footballer Mat Hummels and is a loyal Vapiano fan. “I always eat healthily and I’ve been dining at Vapiano for over ten years now. You can see exactly what goes into your dish,” she reveals at the party. As well as the real-time prep process, the changing Specials menu is what newlywed Cathy likes best. “I love the choice of seasonal Specials, plus Vapiano also offer a great spelt alternative meaning I can eat pasta here,” she continues.  

Thanks to everyone for making it a night to remember and here’s to the next!

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