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Welcome to our online site for franchise inquiries. You will be asked to provide some information which will let us know how you fit into our concept. The system will guide you through the first steps of the process.

We distinguish between three categories of applicants. Please fill in the form that matches the best with your profile

  • Entrepreneur
    The directors of the company are also the owners. Chose this option if you wish to apply for a Vapiano franchise with your current company and you are the owner of a significant stake in this company. Apply here

  • Company
    The directors of the company responsible for the Vapiano franchise are employees and are compensated through a salary. Apply here

  • Consultant
    Anyone who is contacting us on behalf of someone else. This could include anyone who wishes to present Vapiano to entrepreneurs and investors in his area; anyone who wants to provide consulting services to Vapiano; etc. Apply here

Please complete all of the information fully. This will allow us to make an initial evaluation of your candidacy. We will then contact you to let you know if you fit our partner profile. If so, the next step, a telephone conversation with our international expansion representative, will be your best opportunity to begin asking the important questions which you certainly have about becoming a Vapiano franchise partner.

You will also find a list of countries which are available for franchising. Please click on the country where you would like to introduce Vapiano. If your country is not on the list, then we regret to inform you that either we are not now looking to expand there, or we already have a partner for that area. In case you are interested in more than one territory, simply select your first preference. You will have the opportunity later in the process to discuss other areas with us. We also ask you to understand that we receive about a hundred inquiries each month from prospective partners. We would not be able to give the attention each applicant deserves if we did not follow this procedure. The whole process takes a bit of time, but that is the best way to assure that we can get to know each other well before committing to this important partnership.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Your Vapiano Franchising team


  • Legal Disclaimer

    „Please note, that as a Franchisee you are an independent entrepreneur in legal and economic terms. You will act on your own behalf, for your own account and at your own risk. The Franchisor is not liable for any success and viability and gives no warranties in this respect. You are not entitled to bind, or act on behalf of, the Franchisor. Whenever acting in any business transaction as an independent entrepreneur, you have to make your status recognizable by stating that you are the owner of the business.“


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