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The smell of freshly baked pizza, homemade fresh pasta, crispy salads – VAPIANO is thisand much more. At VAPIANO, the guests enjoy favourite meals that are made accordingto their individual requests and always come freshly prepared. The VAPIANOs welcometheir guests to take time out the Mediterranean way in an urbane and communicativeatmosphere – and enjoy a pleasant glass of wine in the evening, too. The lifestyle brand’ssuccess story began in 2002 with the opening of the first VAPIANO in Hamburg. With itsinnovative “Fresh Casual Dining” concept, VAPIANO founded a new category in the foodservice industry at the time. Today, there are over 200 VAPIANOs in more than 33countries on five continents and the company is poised for further expansion.


VAPIANO’s secret to success is the freshness – freshness of ingredients, in the preparationand in the way of thinking. In almost each individual VAPIANO restaurant worldwide, tentypes of pasta (two of which are from whole grain spelt) as well as pizza dough areproduced in-house, sometimes even in the middle of the seating area, in the glassmanifattura. In the show kitchen, each individual pasta dish, each pizza and salad isprepared “à la minute” in front of and for the guests. This interactive front-cooking conceptenables guests to be able to directly communicate their preferences and requirements to thecook while he or she makes the meal. This is how personal favourite meals are created thatare very easily adapted to alternative forms of nutrition, too. Guests at VAPIANO with avegan or vegetarian nutritional awareness as well as those with food intolerancesconsequently have their personal requirements fulfilled, without the need to make anycompromises.

The founders’ underlying idea was to develop a restaurant where guests could enjoyabsolute freshness along with having every freedom – with people’s individual requests andpreferences taken into account. For the guests, therefore, VAPIANO signifies autonomy andindividuality, paired with fair prices, and this in a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere.There is no dress code and booking a table is not necessary – it’s like having a meal withgood friends. VAPIANO resonates with the flexible and urban lifestyle of its guests, nomatter what their age. The guests come by spontaneously for lunch, for a latte macchiatowith dolci in between or also for a relaxed evening with antipasti and a drop of good wine inthe lounge – whether alone or in a group. The chip card system lends support to the guests’autonomy. Every visitor receives a chip card upon entry on which his or her food and drinks consumption is booked. The ideal concept for people who like to remain flexible andautonomous, yet don’t want to dispense with pleasure, quality and freshness in the process.


The guest is then able to enjoy his or her favourite meal in a relaxed, cosmopolitanatmosphere. Warm colours, a comfortable bar and lounge area as well as large oak tablesthat invite to easy and open communication – these all characterise the urbane feel-goodatmosphere at VAPIANO. The furnishing is based on the design and colour concept devisedby the Milanese architect and designer Matteo Thun. He further refined his original designidea in 2011 – since then, the new design is used in ever more VAPIANO restaurants. Theinterior makes the Mediterranean lifestyle that VAPIANO exudes even more tangible. Thelight colour concept provides the restaurants with airy buoyancy and invites guests to linger– whether for afternoon coffee or an enjoyable start to the evening. Highlights of the newdesign are the new wooden displays with exchangeable panels and the so-called Green Wall,a wall out of real plants and herbs. Added to this is the 100-year old olive tree that noVAPIANO can do without. Vapianistis’ own handwritten recipes hang next to pictures fullof atmosphere on the walls in the guest area. A relaxing atmosphere with soft colours,leather optics and modern seating elements awaits the guests in the lounge section, too.


Alongside the guests, the employees working at VAPIANO, the so-called Vapianisti, playanother major role. Because restaurant business is “people business”: true blue Vapianistihave excellent communication skills, are open-minded, tolerant and have high standardswhen it comes to their work. Giving them individual support and the chance of continuousprogression is one of VAPIANO’s top priorities.


The concept of the fresh and quick cuisine has been well received across the world – whetherin Europe, in the USA, the Arab countries, South America, Australia or Southeast Asia.VAPIANO counts over 185 VAPIANOs in more than 30 countries, of which over 76 arebased in Germany (partly franchise, joint ventures or own companies). At every location,between 50 and 80 new work positions are created, most of them full-time.


The fresh Mediterranean cuisine’s successful concept has already received numerousawards:

2006: VAPIANO SE is awarded with the Hamburger Foodservice Preis(“Hamburg Food Service Award”)

2006: Nomination as a finalist for “Entrepreneur der Jahre 2006/2007”(“Entrepreneur of the Years

2006/2007”)2007: Awarded with the ECE Retailer Award for the “Most Innovative Concept”

2008: Awarded by former Federal Minister Wolfgang Clement as one of the Top 10Employersin 2007 (“TOP JOB Arbeitgeber 2007”)

2008: Awarded with the “Hot Concepts Award 2008” (USA)

2011: Awarded with the e-Star Online Excellence Award 2011

2012: Awarded with the “Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation”(“German Prize for Online Communication”)

2014: Awarded with the Casual Dining Design Award in the category “Best DesignedMultiple Restaurant”2015: MAPIC Award, IF Design Award ICE TEA

2016: German Design Award ICE TEA, award for Innovator of the Year 2016 of Brand einsStatista,award for the People App (Best Customer Experience) at the retail technology awardseurope

2017: CEE Retail Award 2017 in the category „Cafe/Food Retailer“Innovator of the Year 2016 of Brand eins StatistaAwarded by the retail technology awards europe for the People App in the category“Best Customer Experience“

VAPIANO has also been a member of the Bundesverband der Systemgastronomie (“FederalAssociation of the Food Service Industry”) since 2007 and a certified member of the DeutscheFranchiseverband (“German Franchise Association”) since 2008.Reprints free of charge, File copy requested.

Reprints free of charge, File copy requested.

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